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Emergency Information

It is not uncommon for those living with a mental health condition to find themselves in a crisis. Navigating a crisis can be difficult and overwhelming. Fortunately, there are many resources available to us. There are hotlines to call or text if you just need to talk. There are emergency services to assist you immediately. We have compiled a list of resources within Hancock County as well as national hotlines. We encourage you to keep these numbers handy and to share them with a loved one. 

Local Resources

Making the choice to seek help for a mental health condition requires a lot of strength and bravery. Finding that help or choosing which help best fits your needs can add stress to an already overwhelming decision. We have tried to make this process easier by putting together a list of mental health services in various areas in Northwest Ohio. Additionally, NAMI staff are available to assist you in going through the list, providing recommendations, setting up and preparing for that first appointment, and even attending the first appointment as a support person. 

Mental Health Screenings & Fact Sheets

Mental health conditions can be complex and difficult to understand. How does one know if the symptoms they are experiencing are related to something more serious? How can one educate themselves on what their loved one is going through? These tools and facts are useful for gaining better insight on various mental health conditions. We encourage you to follow up with a healthcare professional or contact us if you feel that you or a loved one is experiencing any of these symptoms.

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