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September is Suicide Awareness Month,

but this information is relevant year-round.

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 1 in 5 Americans struggle with mental health 

Suicide Warning Signs

If a person talks about:

  • killing themselves

  • feeling hopeless

  • having no reason to live

  • being a burden to others

  • feeling trapped

  • unbearable pain

Behaviors that may signal risk:

  • increased use of alcohol or drugs

  • looking for a wat to end their lives

  • withdrawing from activities

  • isolating from family and friends

  • sleeping too much or too little

  • visiting or calling people to say goodbye

  • giving away prized possessions

  • aggression

  • fatigue

People who are considering suicide often display one of more of the following moods:

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • loss of interest

  • irritability

  • humiliation/shame

  • agitation/anger

  • relief/sudden improvement

Resources & Tools

Suicide Risk Factors

  • Health

    • mental health condition

    • physical disability or illness

    • traumatic brain injury

  • Environmental

    • access to lethal means​

    • prolonged stress

    • relationship problems

    • harassment or bullying

    • unemployment or financial crisis

    • life transitions

    • loss of family member or closed friend

    • exposure to another person's suicide

  • Historical

    • previous suicide attempts​

    • family history of suicide

    • childhood abuse, neglect, or trauma

Suicide Prevention Tips​

  • Talk about your experience

  • Take training courses on mental health and suicide prevention

  • Donate to suicide prevention research

  • Sign up as a suicide prevention field advocate for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

  • Helping people with basic needs – food insecurity, housing, healthcare

  • Destigmatizing mental health care

  • Support skill building programs

  • Support family relationship programs

  • Creating a culture that is inclusive to and understanding of the struggles faced by LGBTQ+, minority racial and ethnic groups, people with chronic illness, people with disabilities, veterans, and other at-risk groups

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