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Our Staff and Board

Liana Gott

Executive Director

Deborah Zimmerman

Office & Outreach Coordinator

Larissa Herbert

Director of

Peer Engagement

Clayton Richardson

Director of

Youth Engagement

Favorite food: Dessert

Favorite color: Dark Purple

Favorite hobby: Back-packing, watching movies, reading, finding new hobbies

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I need to rewrite!

Favorite restaurant:

Circle of Friends

Favorite color: Cerulean Blue

Favorite hobby: Cycling, kayaking, glamping

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

NAMI Hancock County saved my family twice. I like to say NAMI works small miracles every day. My family was able to provide support and advocacy for two of our family members. We have been able to educate ourselves, change our hearts and minds, and offer compassion and empathy to our family members. There is help. There is hope. You are not alone!

Favorite restaurant:

Findlay Brewing Company

Favorite color: Blue (but not royal)

Favorite hobby: Crochet, painting, fish keeping, kayaking, my cat, finding new hobbies

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I chose NAMI for the chance to educate the community on mental health while providing support to those who need it. Myself and many of the people in my life have mental health challenges, so this is all close to my heart. I'm very thankful to be a part of such an impactful organization with even better people.

Favorite food: Mexican or BBQ

Favorite color: Green

Favorite hobby: Wood carving, painting, drawing, poetry, hiking, being with my dog, finding new hobbies

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I consider myself very lucky to have come across the open position for the DOYE at NAMI HC. I've worked with children my entire life, and I got my degree in Psychology, so it was a perfect fit. I'm also very grateful to have the support of my coworkers and community here in Findlay - because of that, I've been able to make a lot of progress on my own mental health journey. 


Courtney Dysert

Board President


Brian White

Board Vice President

Program Committee Chair


John Calvelage

Board Treasurer


Kegan Wise

Board Secretary

Marketing Committee Chair

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite color: Mint Green

Favorite hobby: Reading, working out, hunting, playing with my son

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

NAMI HC saves lives. The staff and board are so genuine. It is rewarding to hear community members talk about how our programs have truly changed their lives. I love Hancock County and wanted to be a part of something meaningful.

Favorite restaurant/food: 


Favorite color: Blue

Favorite hobby: Cycling, weight training and traveling

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

Being in law enforcement, I found that early on officers frequently interact with those that struggle with mental illness. I took an interest in Crisis Intervention Training to help me do my job and assist those with mental illness. Later on, I learned that I have several family members that struggle with mental health as well, and this further enhanced my desire to learn about mental illness.

Favorite food:  Espresso

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite hobby: Visiting a beach

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I have friends and family members that live with mental health challenges.

Favorite food: Cheesecake

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite hobby: Traveling, exploring new experiences, anything outdoors

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I wanted to support a wonderful organization that provides free services. This allowed another avenue for me to help close gaps for mental health care.


Maribeth Geaman

Board Member

Governance Committee Chair


Susan Blackburn

Board Member


Abbey Will

Board Member


Courtney deVaudreuil

Board Member

Social Media

Favorite restaurant/food: Bistro on Main/cheese

Favorite color: Green, pink

Favorite hobby: Traveling, reading, spending time with my grandson

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

Like so many others, I have been personally affected by mental health conditions. I wanted to be a part of an organization that helps to fight stigma and promote better mental health in our community.

Favorite food: Chocolate and iced tea are all it takes to coax me

Favorite color: Many shades of purple!

Favorite hobby: Listening to podcasts & audiobooks (mostly about the psychology of human behavior)

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I have family members with mental health struggles. As a result, I have educated myself on how to support them while becoming a mental health advocate through NAMI Hancock County.

Favorite food:  Beef jerky, green bean casserole

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite hobby: Traveling, balloon art, going to amusement parks

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I have family and friends who have needed mental health support and couldn't find it. I have made it my personal mission to support and be involved in organizations that make it easier for those with mental illnesses to get help and support.

Favorite food: Burger and a strawberry shake

Favorite color: Mint green, light pink

Favorite hobby: Keeping active

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

NAMI gave me so much when I needed it most! I went through the peer-to-peer class in January of 2020 and it changed my life. I truly believe in the mission and I hope to move it forward in the community.


Cindy Wolph

Board Member


Nicholas Scoles

Board Member


Mike Runion

Board Member


Brian Giangiordano

Board Member

Fundraising Committee Chair

Favorite food: Roast and mashed potatoes/Swordfish with leek mash

Favorite color: Lots of them - I'm like a mood ring!

Favorite hobby: Spending time with my many pets, watching the news - you know, old-people stuff, LOL!

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I am very impressed with all the services NAMI HC offers, and I hope to assist with promoting the NAMI mission and message!

Favorite food: Sushi! Hands down.

Favorite color: Red

Favorite hobby: ATV’ing and Traveling

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

To honor the loss of a one of my Soldiers. To be an advocate in my community for those affected by mental illness.

Favorite food: Tacos and barbecue

Favorite color: Orange

Favorite hobby: Family Time

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

To make an impact in the community and learn more about how I can best help.

Favorite restaurant/food: 3-way tie between Giordanos Pizza, In-N-Out Burger, and Shake Shack/Calzones

Favorite color: Black

Favorite hobby: Woodworking, Video Games, Guitar Playing

Why I chose NAMI Hancock County:

I chose to work with NAMI because the topic of Mental Health is personally touching to me. I wanted to contribute my strengths to a great cause and make an impact.

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